Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Went to the ostrich festival and saw FREDDY BENSON!!! ahhh I dont know who was more excited me or Kenzy. Stood for 2 hours to meet him and et a signed pic. He is so darn cute!. Kenzy has his picture framed and she cleans it every day. For those losers who have no idea who Freddy is, he is Carlys friend on iCarly (nick).


Josh and Tiff said...

OMG!! YOU UPDATED YOUR BLOG!!! I am seriously so excited :) Also, sweet that you got to meet that guy! I don't watch those shows yet, but sometimes it's on after something else we watch and I totally recognize him. Kenzie is so cute and so big by the way!

AliciaCTR1 said...

Yeah I am not really a blogger :). BUT I was super bored yesterday and needed to do something. Couldnt really have bedbugs as my last post anymore. MISS YOU TIFF!