Thursday, February 5, 2009

"I Thought I Had More Time"

So I guess Kenzy has a little crush on a boy at preschool. Stephanie Heard Kenzy and Jenna (a little girl in preschool) fighting one day and listen to what they were saying. They were both yelling at eachother about a little boy in Preschool namd Izayah. She heard Kenzy yell "He is going to pick ME today! NOT YOU!" and Jenna would yell back "He sits by ME and he likes ME better". Well Stephanie told them that they had to play nice and everyone had to be friends. After a while Kenzy walked up to Izayah acting like she was just putting a book away and whispered to him "I know you have to be friends with everyone, but you still think I am the prettiest right?" (shaking her shoulders at him). "Yes" Izayah told her, and then she walked away flipping her hair, smiling.
I told Ryan about this later that night and he asked if this boy was good looking or anything and I told him he was normal looking but he was one of the oldest in the class. With a painful look on his face, he shrugged his shoulders and said "I Thought I had more Time". This picture is of my 4 year old getting ready for preschool... We need to make sure she is still the Prettiest.