Friday, March 27, 2009

Dont let the bed bugs bite!

I have had BY FAR the crappiest 2 months of my life. Everyone BUT my hubby Ryan has had a weird rash these past 2+ months. We have had it checked out by 3 different doctors! Everyone said "its just a rash, these things happen". Well we went to TX for 4 days this weekend and the rash went away. We came back sunday night and when I got Madilyn up the next morning she was covered in the spots again!!!!!!!
Turns out we have bed bugs! Nasty little bugs that have been eating my family (not ryan) for the past 2 months. STUPID DOCTORS RIGHT?!? well come to find out you cant get rid of them very easy. I had a quote from a guy saying it would cost $10 a sqft... thats $22,000 dollars! and that might not even work!
And the moral of the story is:
Never buy ANYTHING off Craigslist. Nothing is worth what I am going through right now.


Brenda, Bryan, and Chelsey said...

Oh sad! At least you know what it is, if that's any consolation. :/ Good luck!

Stephanie said...

I just copied this onto my blog- i still cant believe you are dealing with this!

Melissa said...

And you want us to come live with you????? EWWWW gross! Hopefully it clears up fast! You could always move here to Montana...Although we don't really have a huge demand for pool guys. Sorry Ryan.